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Patient lift slings are easy for the caregiver to use and provide secure support to the patient. These durable, comfortable slings are available in a variety of styles and fabrics to meet specific patient needs. Getting the right Lift Sling is an important part of purchasing and using a Patient Lift

Comfort Slings

Good support for legs, shoulders, back and head .Removable stiffeners for head support .Soft quilting on leg sections .Four larger sizes have padding down the spinal area for extra support .Positioning handles on reverse .Sizes to suit young children up to x-large .Royal net options available

Hammock Sling

The hammock sling provides maximum support to the sacral area and is used in cases where the universal sling is unsuitable because the patient has poor body tone. The sling can be used in a divided leg or cross over position; this also provides good support for amputees (risk assessment must be carried out for amputee clients). Hammock slings come with leg and shoulder straps, and feature multipl

Hygiene Slings S-203

Hygiene slings are specifically designed for toileting and hygiene functions. Access is unrestricted for most users, making this sling ideal for independent transfer and toileting. It gives access to be able to remove and refit lower garments for toileting transfers whilst a client is suspended in the sling. As the client is lifted and their position becomes more extended, the ability to adjust

Disposable Sling

Good support for legs, shoulders, back and head . Removable stiffeners for head support available (optional) . Soft quilting on leg sections . Positioning handle on reverse . Maximum load 200kg (440 Lbs) . Readily available - no more sling shortages .Stays with the client . No laundry costs - this sling is not designed to be laundered . No lost/damaged slings . Reduced risk of cross infec

Universal Sling

The Universal Sling is the most commonly supplied sling for general transfer purposes. Easy to use and fit, the Universal sling is a multi-purpose sling that provides toileting access as well as good back and thigh support. The sling comes with leg, hip, and shoulder straps, and features multiple color-coded loops to accommodate various seating positions.Universal Padded Slings are more comfortabl

Stand-Aid Sling

Designed by Olymp Medical’s expert research team, the Stand-Aid sling will comfortably wrap around the patients waist and with limited pressure will help raise the person to a standing position. The Stand-Aid Sling is padded for extra comfort and comes with Olymp Medical’s signature 3 loop design, which allows for greater options for comfort when performing the lift.

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