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Looking for a high quality, floor lift that can lift up to 500 lb (227kg) With its ergonomic shape, easy maneuvering capability and outstanding features the Porter 500 is the perfect floor lift equipment to use at home. Need a higher lifting capacity? The Porter 500 handles patients up to 500 lb (227kg). Plus its wide opening base allows easy access to wider Bariatric chairs.

Helper- 400

The Helper-400, a versatile lift designed using State of the Art Technology developed in collaboration with the Health Care Professionals. The mobile, compact design offers a combination of lifting options, maximizing patient/resident safety and comfort.


The Porter-500 is a mobile Transfer lift designed and developed in collaboration with Health Care Professionals. The sleek, strong built lift, included with a complete range of functional slings, offers caregivers flexibility and versatility, for a great variety of Patient/Resident lifting with care.

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